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Whether you’re in Reno, Denver or one our digital worlds, we’d love to have you join us for an event. Check this page frequently for live and upcoming online and offline events – and let’s be social together!

May 7, 12, 21 and 28th from 12pm-1pm MST

$18 per person

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No, not that GTFO ?

It's time to Get to Freedom Online™️!

Join our founder and CEO Amanda McLernon EVERY FRIDAY IN MAY for a 60 minute workshop to get offline in order to reset your relationship with social media, technology, and yourself.

You’ll learn actionable steps to consciously step away from your digital worlds to reconnect with yourself, your community, and your world IRL. (And you’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries that let you continue our work, school or social lives!)

These digital workshops are family-friendly, and perfect for marketing leaders, social media managers or content creators, online business owners, influencers, bloggers, online teachers, and anyone else who spends time in the digital world.

Learn more and buy your ticket now at gtfo.eventbrite.com!

Offline Event - The Big Sit, A First Amendment Event

May 31st in Reno & Denver


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The Big Sit is a First Amendment event as a part of Mental Health Month to encourage people to get offline and reconnect with their communities and the physical world, while raising awareness for mental health.

We invite members of the Reno and Denver communities to join us at Wingfield Park (Reno) and Berkeley Lake Park (Denver), bring a blanket, wear pink or yellow (the mental health awareness colors!) and sit outside for two hours to collectively get offline.

There will be 30-45 minutes of speaking from community leaders, and with the remaining time, attendees will be encouraged to safely socialize and enjoy time outside. Attendees will also be provided with green, yellow and red colored tags to indicate COVID socialization comfort level.

Reno: Join us from 11am PST- 1pm PST at Wingfield Park by the atrium

Denver: Join us from 11am MST – 1pm MST at Berkeley Lake Park behind the library

(Look for people wearing pink and yellow to find us!)

Learn more and RSVP on Facebook!