Elayna is originally from a small town in Wyoming (#GoPokes!). She now lives in Aurora, Illinois, with her fiancé and their little cat. She is a Social Media Manager for KSMS, as well as the Head Designer for the KSMS Magazine. She loves telling stories through compelling visuals for our clients and our magazine. When thinking about the future of social, she wants it to be a personal choice, authentic to each and every one of us. “As long as you are uplifting yourself and others, you can't go wrong.”

Biggest Win

Designing Q2 and Q3 issues of the KSMS Magazine. “The magazine brings me lots of joy and I'm constantly looking forward to designing the next issue.”

Favorite Social Platform

Pinterest. Her curated Pinterest feed provides her with all the vibes she needs to feel inspired, motivated and creative beyond words. “I'm a very visually driven person. I love to see imagery that represents what lives in my brain and heart.”


I love spending quality time with my fiance, my friends, family and my cat Jupiter. I am a photographer and love anything art, creativity and inspiration.

Who would Elayna love to spend dinner with?

Michelle Obama. I feel like that woman has sooo much wisdom to share!

Other Team Members

Kayla Eads

Cynthia Moos

Nina Severns