Emma is a Coloradan through and through. She grew up in Westminster, and now lives in East Denver. She wouldn’t live anywhere else: her roots are deep, and every time she travels around other states, she’s always happy to come back home. She is a Social Media Manager here at KSMS. When imagining the future of social, she sees it as the garden one tends to, that needs to be taken care of. “Our words are like fertilizer to those who listen so we have to tend to the garden by showing up as our best selves so that seeds can grow and prosper!”

Biggest win

Helping a client fill their reservation list thanks to the content she created.

Favorite Social Platform

TikTok. “It’s my *guilty pleasure*.”


Usually involve concerts or photoshoots. I love spending quality time with my friends, planning where I'm going to travel to next, researching what events (usually vintage inspired) peak my interest, and wearing a cute outfit while doing it.

Who Emma would love to get dinner with?

Lorde. She wrote the album "Pure Heroine" when she was 15/16 years old which blows my mind. I love her style, her affinity to living a quiet life, and how her work is always ahead of its time. She seems like someone I could be friends with.

Other Team Members

Kayla Eads

Cynthia Moos

Riley Insko