Riley Insko

The Engagement Genius

Born and raised in California, Riley lives under the beautiful sun of San Clemente, CA. She's been a fan of the KSMS mission and a community member for a while. Now she supports remotely all things social media strategy and the KSMS Academy. She is a former board member for the AAFOC, American Advertising Federation of OC and helped launch their college student program. When asked what she wants the future of social to be, she responds with this powerful word: "kind."

Biggest Win

Going from following KSMS, and Amanda, for the last 5 years and now getting the opportunity to partner with the team!

Favorite Social Platform

Instagram is the OG


Gardening, Petting Cats, and Trying to Learn to Quilt

Who would Riley love to spend dinner with?

Louisa May Alcott: I've read "Little Women" annually ever since I can remember; one of my favorite rituals.

Other Team Members

Kayla Eads

Cynthia Moos

Nina Severns