Sarah Springer

The Course Captain

Originally for the suburbs of Chicago, Sarah now lives in Denver. She loves the natural beauty-mountains and hills, and can’t do flatland anymore! :) She is in charge of developing the Academy alongside Amanda. For her, the future of social is ideally full of people who are excellent listeners, eager to learn and willing to transform “so we can be unified as unique individuals FOR one another.”

Biggest Win

Finalizing the outline for the KSMS Certification. Now someone is creating the contents. So excited!

Favorite Social Platform

Instagram – “I love the photo focus of it and general kindness on that platform.”


Hiking, reading, and organizing! Also, hanging with friends at a fun restaurant.

Who would Sarah love to have dinner with?

The Obamas. I respect their journey and would love to hear what is keeping their hearts on fire these days and what their current passions are.

Other Team Members

Kayla Eads

Cynthia Moos

Riley Insko