So it all started in 2016…

That’s the year Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were vying for the White House, and families, friends and neighbors took to the internet to do battle over social and political ideals. Meanwhile, social media platforms were being flooded by tactics like automated bots and over-the-top content curation by brands attempting to manage the ever-expanding scale of their online presence.

The result of this chaotic online landscape was that social media usage exploded to record-breaking levels amongst US adults. But we noticed an issue with this: Social media was no longer a very “social” place to hang out.

So, we founded the Keep Social Media Social mission, a global movement to reimagine social media for its original intended purpose of mediating authentic connection and bringing people together. Through the mission, we empower people to invest as much care and intention into their online communities as they do their offline ones and, when the time comes, get the f*ck offline!

What Is KSMS?

A mission to reimagine the way the world approaches social media

  • A magazine for anyone loves social media and wants to help keep it social!
  • A hashtag with 40K monthly uses and counting!
  • A community of leaders, marketers, social media managers, business owners and more!
  • A methodology to social media marketing practiced by McLernon & Co.
  • A blog for you to check out the newest social media related content and stories.
  • A certification program for individuals and agencies

Meet the Community

We’re a global community of business leaders, marketers, social media managers, creatives who all share the same obsession: creating authentic and positive connections with our communities online. Want to join us? Here’s where you can find us online (and offline).

Join the Mission

Keeping social media social is a giant mission, so we need all the help we can get. If you’d like to help us accomplish our mission, here are three ways you can put the Keep Social Media Social™ methodology into practice online today:

Keep social media social by using it to empathize, engage, encourage, educate and/or entertain.

News got you down? Someone tweet something mean? Remember that YOU have the power to control your social media environment and that mute or unfollow button is always handy.

Join the Keep Social Media Social™️ community for a digital workshop led by Amanda McLernon, CEO and Founder of McLernon & Co. and Keep Social Media Social™️, about why we all need to get offline – NOW.

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