At Keep Social Media Social™, we believe that mastering social media management is not only about staying ahead of trends, but also about connecting with your community authentically, leading with your head and heart, and driving long-term business growth.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to the Keep Social Media Social™ Academy (KSMS Academy): a transformative learning experience that equips marketing professionals and business owners with the knowledge and soft skills needed to excel in their careers and elevate their brands.

What you should know about us

In today's digital landscape, the role of a social media manager is more important than ever. Beyond crafting engaging content and optimizing ad campaigns, we believe they are the keepers of good morals and responsible for establishing high standards online for their company.

Our courses are designed to provide you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that you can apply directly to your work (and in your relationships). Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to thrive in your career or a business owner seeking to manage your online presence effectively, KSMS Academy is here to support your journey.

Our Approach:

the 5 E’s of KSMS

We have founded our approach to social media around the 5 E’s of KSMS:
Ask yourself: How does your audience currently feel? What do they need or want to hear right now?
How is the written and visual content that you’re putting out there on social helping your community and audience? How are you helping your audience handle the unique challenges they face? How do you applaud and celebrate their accomplishments?
How are you encouraging your audience to communicate with you? Are you inviting them to join conversations and share their thoughts? How are you speaking not just at them, but with them?
How can your content be used to help your audience learn something new?
How can you keep social media fun? What might make your audience smile?


Elevate Your Expertise

One of the highlights of the KSMS Academy is our certification program. Designed to up level your skills and enhance your credibility, the KSMS Certification is a comprehensive recognition of your excellence in the social media realm.

Our thorough curriculum covers in 12 hours essential topics such as strategic thinking, content creation, community management, advertising, analytics, and crisis management, just to name a few. Upon successful completion, you'll not only have the expertise to navigate the digital landscape, but also a prestigious badge that showcases your commitment to help create a digital world that is creative, kind and inclusive.

Program Will Start in the Spring of 2024

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What You Can Expect From The KSMS Academy

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The KSMS Academy is your partner in growth, equipping you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

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