Case Studies

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Want to make sure we're real? We don't blame you. It's easier than ever to "fake it until you make it" online; and with competitors who buy followers, hide behind stock photos and use industry lingo to a point of confusion, it's more important than ever to walk our talk to keep social media real - and honest. Check us out, and please note the testimonials. They're real, and we're proud of them. 
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Sukwa Saddle Blankets: Using Social Paid Advertising to Drive Brand Awareness
Cost Per Click
Sukwa Saddle Blankets had a booth at the San Antonio Rodeo in February of 2020, so we supported them with a campaign, running both paid and organic content on Facebook and Instagram, to drive booth traffic, web traffic, and subsequently, sales at the booth.
Facebook Isn't Dead
Page Likes
Organic Engagement Rate
Cost Per Click
By meeting Prestige Custom Builders' audience where they already spend their time online, we were able to grow their audience, engage their community, and prove that Facebook isn't dead!
Branding and Sales through Social Media Content Strategy
Facebook Ad Click-Through Rate
New Web Traffic from Social
Average Social Engagement Rate
A comprehensive content strategy for Homeline Coatings establish them as a social-forward brand, developing a quality, engaged audience while increasing web traffic and online sales.
Engaging and Energizing the Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain Community Online...and Off
Volunteer Webinar Registrations
Volunteer Webinar Stay-Through Rate
Funds Raised
We worked with Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain to develop an overarching social media strategy using organic content, paid advertising, and engagement to re-energize and engage their communities online...and off.
Social Media Content Creation Strategy to Grow Sales
Increased Instagram Reach
Increased Content Interaction
Increased Followers
Our McLernon & Co. team was tasked to create engaging and entertaining content to encourage rodeo aficionados to buy tickets to the California Rodeo de Salinas live events.
Successful Paid Ads Campaign for California Rodeo Salinas
Low CPR (cost per result)
Increased Engagement Rate
Increased Audience Growth
After a year-long break, our client California Rodeo Salinas was ready to put the boots on the ground and captivate its audience with Rodeo and Pro Bull Riding events.