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This is how we define Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is what guides your online presence, and directs where you spend your time, energy, and money on social media. Whether you’re looking for help optimizing your existing social channels, planning a campaign, or launching a new service or brand, a social media strategy can help you make the most of your online presence and community.
Strategies include not only the overarching guidance and plan, but also specific tactics and next steps so you and your team can start implementing it right away (or, hire us to do it for you!).

You might need A Social Media Strategy If...

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Your business plan relies on a strong social media presence.
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You know investing in social media is important, but you don’t want to over- or underspend.
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You want a clear, actionable plan with tactics, timelines, and more.
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You’re launching a new product, service, event, or line of business, and need a plan to give it a lift on social media.
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You need clear direction, on a deeper level than an intensive strategy session.
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You’ve read up on social media strategies, but you’re not sure how to make social media work best within your own brand and industry.

This is Why Social Media Strategy Matters

Social media strategy guides how, where, and why you spend your resources online. Having a smart, well-developed strategy is key to ensuring your online presence is effective and optimized, to make the best use of your budget in terms of time, energy, and money.

These are some visual examples of strategies that we’ve completed

Our Social Media Strategies Can Include:

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Campaign planning and development
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New product, service, or event launch
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Profile/online presence audit

Our Strategy Options

Intensive Strategy Session

Our intensive strategy sessions are the best place to start working with Keep Social Media Social if you’re not sure what you need. These are intensive deep dives into your social media content, online presence, and campaigns, designed to inspire you and give you clear direction. You will receive a takeaway document with key insights and an action plan. Sessions start at $599 per platform.

Custom Social Media Strategy

A full social media strategy, on the other hand, is an in-depth, actionable document that outlines clear timelines, next steps,and action items based on your specific goals and our teams’ expertise. Our full strategies include research, audience and targeting data, content strategy, messaging strategy, platform strategy and much, much more.

You and your team will be able to implement the strategy directly...or hire us to do it if you’d prefer to be hands-off. Pricing varies based on your needs, but our full strategies start at:


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