April 26, 2024

Blossom Art Agency Puts People First, Always

In my favorite city of Paris, France, I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the dynamic duo behind Blossom Art Agency, Jacques Sasson and Allison Gay. As we discussed art and their work, their passion, dedication to their craft, and ‘people first, always’ approach to business and marketing became abundantly clear.

That values alignment with Keep Social Media Social encouraged me to get out my notebook and take notes, knowing I’d want to share their insights with our Keep Social Media Social (KSMS) community. 

What sets Jacques and Allison apart in their approach to marketing is their emphasis on the ‘work before the work’. Rather than jumping straight into promotions or tactics, they focus on four key elements that lay the foundation for their marketing strategy.

  1. Style: First and foremost, Jacques and Allison are incredibly intentional about the style of art they showcase. They spend hours meticulously selecting artists and pieces that not only resonate with their buyers but also complement - and fit in- their living spaces. This attention to detail ensures that each piece finds its perfect home and that their clients have a diverse range of options.

  1. Value for Price: In addition to style, the duo places a strong emphasis on ensuring customers receive maximum value for their investment. They believe in the concept of "value for money" and strive to create a pricing structure that is fair and transparent for all parties involved.

  1. Location & Neighborhood: Jacques and Allison's unique business model incorporates a hybrid approach, popping up in physical spaces for short periods and also serving clients through personalized appointments and online communications. They carefully choose their locations based on the neighborhood vibe and the overall feeling of the space, creating an inviting atmosphere that welcomes customers to engage with the art on a personal level. They are careful to study who their neighbors (voisines) are! In addition to exhibition or gallery pop-ups, their art agency also regularly hosts events and offers art advisory services. 

  1. Relationships:  However, the cornerstone of their marketing strategy lies in the relationships they cultivate with their clients. The ‘qualité de la relation’. Acting as matchmakers between viewers and art, Jacques and Allison prioritize creating a love affair between the buyer and the art piece, ensuring a lasting connection beyond the transaction. One word of advice? Bring a trusted companion or your spouse if you shop for art or visit galleries or art exhibitions. Experiencing art with someone else in the gallery is far better than sharing an iPhone photo. 

One thing is clear: Jacques and Allison believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and they want to remind buyers that they are allowed to negotiate payment plans to support artists within their community. Allison finishes our conversation with a quote that will stick with me for a long time:

“When you support artists, galleries and small businesses you are contributing to the culture of your community.”

By championing these values and placing people at the heart of their business, Blossom Art Agency is redefining the art experience and creating a more inclusive space for art enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

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Jacques and Allison at one of their recent pop-up locations in Paris, France. Follow them on Instagram to see where they'll be popping up next! 
Some of the art that Jacques and Allison feature through their art agency.

Can you guess which piece I wanted to take home with me? 😍 (Answer: The small glass piece on the right!)

A view from the street of Blossom Art Agency's most recent pop-up location.