March 10, 2022

Five Reasons Your Brand Needs an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is nothing new - but as social media platforms come and go and more and more people are intentionally spending less time online, email marketing is more important than ever.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, brick and mortar store, non-profit organization, or large corporation, email marketing has the power to convert. Read on for several reasons it’s important to include email marketing in your overall digital marketing strategy!

  • Your email list is your own.

When Vine folded in 2017, Vine creators not only had to migrate to new content creation platforms, but also lost the audiences they had built on Vine.

Social media platforms come and go, and shift in popularity.

As a social media-focused agency, we certainly believe in the value of social media, and dedicating time to building your audience on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn may well be worth your time. But should any of these platforms lose popularity or go the way of Vine, you don’t want to lose the community you’ve worked so hard to build! Having an email list gives you full, direct access to your audience, without relying on external platforms.

  • Email helps you nurture your audience with very little effort.

That’s not to say that email marketing is easy - it requires strategy, setup, and ongoing content creation. However, you can use email marketing programs such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, or ActiveCampaign to automate welcome messages to new subscribers, thank customers for their purchases, ask for reviews, and so much more, without lifting a finger.

Automated email flows can nurture relationships, encourage conversions, and build connections, with very little effort once initial setup is complete!

  • Email lets you lead with value.

Email marketing can be purely spammy and promotional - no doubt you can think of some brands that seem to do nothing but fill your inbox with promotions, sales, and products.

But quality emails can be a way to deepen trust and relationships with your community by providing value. You can link to helpful blog articles and resources, share your take on current events, and start conversations connecting members of your community. Providing value is a great way to deepen your relationships with your customers, and encourage brand loyalty and conversions.

  • Email converts.

According to the DMA Email Tracker, in 2019, average ROI for email marketing was $42 for every dollar spent. Your own ROI will of course vary depending on your industry, brand, and strategy, but it’s clear that consumers across the board rely on emails to stay up-to-date with brands and organizations they love, and are driven to conversions with consistent email communications.

  • Email lists can drive paid advertising.

If you read our recent blog post about setting up a paid advertising campaign on social, you know that having a customer email list can be extremely helpful when it comes to ad targeting and building your advertising audience! By having an email list, you can target similar audiences on Facebook and Instagram to expand your reach and grow your customer base.

If you want to bring email marketing into your own digital strategy but you’re not sure how, we can help! Schedule an intensive strategy session or contact us to schedule your discovery call.