November 28, 2023

Four Steps For a Successful Rebrand

As you may know, we recently embarked on a journey to change our company name, evolve our offerings (Agency + Magazine + Academy) and establish our new  brand presence, to reflect our mission and vision for the future. With this work, we’ve made it a point to put our community front and center (“people first, always” being one of our core values) and invite you to take part in creating the future of social together.

If you’re a small business building your own brand, we wanted to share with you some of the highlights of our experience, from a new logo to a manifesto video, a revamped website, and custom-printed materials, so it can inspire you in your own journey.

Step 1: A New Identity

The first step in our brand evolution was crafting a new identity. Our logo needed to encapsulate the essence of Keep Social Media Social — a space where authentic connection and playfulness shine. After many conversations and design iterations, we settled on a logo and messaging that not only embodies our mission but also reflects the vibrant community we've built since our inception in 2016.

Step 2: A Powerful Manifesto

To accompany our new visual identity and messaging, we set out to create a manifesto video that would capture the spirit of Keep Social Media Social. Through intentional words and visuals, we aimed for our video to inspire, uplift, and encourage the community to join in on our mission. Here is the final product, what do you think?

Step 3: A Welcoming Website

With a fresh logo and a powerful manifesto, our next stop was our online presence. We revamped our website, making it a central hub for our multiple audiences (whether you need our agency services or want to learn and grow via our magazine and academy). We developed ecommerce functionalities to allow site visitors to subscribe to our quarterly magazine. Soon, we will offer the KSMS certification along with à la carte courses via our Academy to train the next generation of social media managers, the KSMS way. We hope the website is seen as a place where our values are not just stated but felt.

Step 4: Impactful Printed Materials

Printed materials add a tangible dimension to a brand. From business cards to flyers and banners, every piece is created to reflect our commitment to quality and our love for playfulness. And it couldn’t be possible without our amazing partners. One of them is StickerMule who we’ve worked with since our inception. For this project, they helped us translate our digital presence into beautiful, high-quality stickers that could be shared and cherished.

Spreading Joy, One Sticker at a Time

Stickers have been an important part of our communication tools — we’ve generously given them away to the friends and clients of KSMS, and it has resulted in heaps of user-generated content over the years. Since the start, we have worked with StickerMule, and it’s always been a seamless process. Their commitment to quality and dedication to bringing ideas to life make them an invaluable partner in any branding journey. The customization options ensured that each sticker was a perfect representation of our brand, with bright colors and impeccable cuts. We wholeheartedly recommend them!

KSMS Sticker Sheet

We now have a collection of stunning custom stickers for our community to carry a piece of empowering values with them, whether it's on a laptop, a notebook, a water bottle or anywhere they choose to display them. We offer our custom values sticker sheet to our new clients and employees as part of their onboarding to make them feel welcomed.

Final Words of Appreciation

As we continue to Keep Social Media Social, both online and offline, we're grateful for StickerMule as well as all of our partners who helped us bring our vision to life: Adam Nelson for the logo and brand design, Erin Dooley and her team of web designers and developers at SideKick Web Studio for the website, and of course our internal team of strategists, copywriters, photographers and video wizards.

Here's to Keeping Social Media Social and all the good we are about to create together!