January 15, 2024

Our Social Trends Predictions for 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for marketing individuals and businesses alike. As we enter 2024, the KSMS team has identified a few social media trends that will shape our online experiences in the coming year. Let’s dive in!

AI: the Good and the Possibly Ugly

AI has risen as an important tool and social media sidekick, helping influencers and businesses create content faster than a cat meme goes viral. But… alongside the rise of AI, we’ve seen an increase in deep fakes and misinformation… making it tougher to know what sources to trust. Let’s stay vigilant about the content we consume, especially during this election year. Discernment will be the name of the game!

Love Life, Get Offline!

People are tired of spending hours of their life online, “zombie scrolling”. In 2024 we will see - and lead - the trend of being social IRL again. Expect to see strong businesses connecting in person with their communities through educational and entertaining events. This trend is our mission, so if you’d like to support this give us a call (720-595-4088) or shoot us an email (reagan@keepsocialmediasocial.com) and we can help you throw an amazing offline social event.

TikTok, the Social Commerce Platform

Move over, Google! TikTok is not just for dance-offs; it's become the GenZ go-to search engine and a powerful social commerce platform for brands. Keywords in captions will be an important piece of social strategies and a great way to reach your audience.  

Long-Form Content Making a Come-Back

While short-form content has dominated the social media market in recent years, long-form content in the form of blog posts, podcasts, and explainer videos is making a comeback. We see opportunities in having a mix of both: short-form content (like Reels or YouTube Shorts) will invite your audiences to longer-form content (on YouTube, your company blog, or a podcast platform).

Authenticity First

Consumers are increasingly drawn to non-promotional, value-based content from brands. Building genuine connections with the audience involves showcasing the human side of your brand—interacting with followers, highlighting your team, and emphasizing meaningful partnerships. In 2024, authenticity will be the name of the game, offering a pathway to deeper and more meaningful online relationships.

So, these are four social media trends we are expecting to see in 2024. Do you have more you’d like to share with us?

We look forward to creating the future of social with all of you this year. Remember that Keep Social Media Social is cheering you on and is only an email away to help you take your social media presence to the next level. 🚀✨