May 3, 2022

We Are Now at Saltbox!

After several years of working out of our home offices and relying on Zoom, Slack, and social media to connect with our clients, team, and community, McLernon & Co. is excited to have a new IRL office space in Denver! As of April 2022, we’re now operating out of Saltbox in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood.

Saltbox is not only a co-working space, but also a warehouse and shipping hub for e-commerce brands, with additional locations in Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

McLernon & Co. Founder and CEO Amanda McLernon, and McLernon & Co. Digital and Social Strategist Chris Silberman, walk through the shipping space inside Saltbox's Denver branch.

"I'm really inspired by the business the founders have intentionally built - this community rocks!" says Amanda McLernon, Founder & CEO of McLernon & Co.

Saltbox was founded in 2019 by Co-Founders Paul D’Arrigo, Tyler Scriven, and Maxwell Bonnie. Leaders of e-commerce businesses themselves, they identified a need for quality workspaces that were also conducive to warehousing and shipping.

With several options in warehouse and office sizing, Saltbox has space for everyone, whether you're a solopreneur who's outgrowing your home office, or an established CPG brand. They also offer opportunity to scale up or down into other spaces, as-needed.

Amanda McLernon in the central co-working space at Saltbox's Denver location

Drop us a line if you'd like to set up a meeting to come see our new space! And if you're looking for office space in Denver and want to be our neighbor, let us know so we can refer you - there's benefits for us both!

Enjoy a brief visual tour of the space, with these beautiful photos from our friend Kalen Jesse Photography:

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