February 13, 2022

Share a Little Love

Love may be in the air this time of year, but by Keeping Social Media Social™️, you can show your online community a little love all year round!

💕 View your content as a gift

In your organic content, you can give your audience gifts all year round by creating and publishing content that is valuable for them. Have you ever seen a TikTok that’s so funny, you’ve watched it multiple times in a row? Or seen a Pin so beautiful you simply had to save it to one of your own boards? Whether your content is entertaining, educational, or just plain fun, publishing the content your audience wants to see will not only establish your brand as an expert, but will build brand loyalty and trust.

Social media can be an incredible place to spread kindness, joy, and good vibes throughout your community and online world, and publishing content that is truly *social* (check out the 5Es of Keeping Social Media Social for some guidance!) will help your digital space be welcoming and beautiful, and be a space where people want to spend their time online.

💕 Give goodies

Giveaways, while fairly saturated on social media these days, can still be a great way to provide some value to your community - especially if the barrier to entry is low (for example, if entering only requires a follow and a like, rather than an email signup or a share to a story). 

Giveaways can be great ways for product-based organizations to support product launches, clear out seasonal products, and just generally get your product in the hands of more people, encouraging them to convert through paid platforms in the future.

Service-based organizations may consider giving away a voucher for one of the services they offer, or instead, support another organization in their community. For example, McLernon & Co. client Prestige Custom Builders builds and renovates homes in southeastern Texas. They wanted to run a giveaway for Valentine’s Day to encourage follower growth and provide value to their community, but couldn’t really give away their own services. So we suggested the prize be a gift card to a favorite restaurant of theirs in Galveston. In providing a gift card to a nice restaurant, Prestige’s giveaway not only provided value to their existing audience, but also helped them establish and build relationships with another brand in a community where they are actively building homes.

💕 Stay social!

Social media should, at its core, be a place where you can build your community and support your partners. Do you have a supplier who always goes above and beyond to deliver your orders not just on time, but ahead of schedule? Publish a post recognizing their efforts and thanking them for their amazing work! Did your agency partners knock it out of the park on your recent company rebrand? Drop a recommendation in a Facebook group! People appreciate being appreciated, and using social media to give others a lift will inevitably circle back to you.

Similarly, recognize your community members when they give you some love! Re-share stories that they tag your brand in, engage in the comments section of posts that include your product, and actively initiate and engage in conversations with them online.

McLernon & Co. helped our client Sconza Chocolates implement a Top Fan program, to help them recognize their community and show appreciation for the large quantity of user-generated content they received. Sconza chose one Top Fan weekly, and would give the fan a shoutout on their feed and stories, and send a special goody box to the fan to show their appreciation. By rewarding their community members for sharing information about their products on social media, and doing so on a public platform, they encouraged more and more people to become advocates for their brand online.

Keep love in the air all year round by using social media to provide value, build relationships, and show your appreciation for your community!