November 16, 2021

We Are Hiring! Entry Level Social Media Coordinator Role [applications closed]

[applications closed]

We Are Hiring!  Join McLernon & Co. as an entry level social media coordinator. 

Social Media Coordinator Job Description:

The Social Media Coordinator (SMC) role at McLernon & Co. is an entry level position for someone looking to get their start in a marketing agency workplace. Our ideal candidate should be a fast learner who wants to combine their creative graphic design skills with their social skills while paying attention to what is trending online. They are detail oriented, emotionally intelligent and SOCIAL! This hybrid remote/in-person role is based in Denver, CO.

You’re a good fit for our team if:

  • You like social media and learning about new platforms
  • You are a daily learner and are eager to develop your skill set 
  • You’re great at working remote AND love to still see people IRL. (In-real-life) 
  • You are a stickler for details 

You’re a GREAT fit for our team if:

Very Important: The perfect candidate can see a future in social media and is proud to be working in social media.

To apply for this role please email your resume, a brief “cover letter” (aka a personal introduction / hello) and any examples of your graphic design and/or social media experience to


  • The SMC is responsible for day-to-day error-free publishing, posting and scheduling of content across multiple platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and more. 
  • The SMC is responsible for using multiple scheduling and reporting tools including Facebook Business Manager, Sprout Social and Google Analytics. 
  • The SMC is responsible for strong social media engagement - inbound and outbound interactions between followers, customers and/or fans on social media and the brands we represent.
  • The SMC is responsible for creating production-level graphic content using Canva and/or Adobe at the oversight of our creative team.
  • The SMC is responsible for creating Instagram Story content using photos, videos and graphic content in Canva and/or Adobe.
  • The SMC is responsible for creating some written content for captions and stories.  
  • The SMC is responsible for learning and maintaining the brand voice, tone and look and feel for multiple clients. 
  • The SMC supports the social media content creator(s) and social media strategist(s) on the team. 

Required Qualifications 

  • This role is a hybrid remote/in-person role. This person must be based in Denver Colorado, or move to Denver Colorado within 30 days of accepting the role and work a hybrid remote / in-person schedule. 
  • Skilled in production-level graphic design through Canva and/or Adobe 
  • Bachelor's degree in graphic design, marketing, advertising preferred
  • Extremely detail oriented  
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Desired Skills & Certifications

  • 0-2 years of brand/business social media experience or account coordinator experience - social media experience, internships or other coordinator roles are preferred 
  • Enjoys working on multiple projects and clients simultaneously
  • Familiarity with the social media platforms & reporting tools listed above
  • Creative, motivated and eager to have a career in social media

Role & Salary Details:

This role is offered as a W2 role. The salary range for this entry-level role is $39,000-$42,000. 

This hybrid role is based in Denver, CO and the candidate must be willing to work remote or in-person as required by the business.

To apply for this role please email your resume, a brief “cover letter” (aka a personal introduction / hello) and any examples of your graphic design and/or social media experience to


McLernon & Co offers paid vacation and sick time depending on role and status.

How mental wellness is supported at our company:

Mental wellness at McLernon & Co. is important because we know that social media professionals are on the frontlines of the internet and social media, both of which we know impact mental wellness. Therefore, we are proactive about establishing boundaries for our team.

  • Traditional working weeks at our company are limited to 40 hours a week: we set hard boundaries with little to no email or Slack after hours unless it’s a hot matter (which is limited in this business), plus, no weekend communication unless it’s a predetermined weekend project for a client.
  • The amount of time on social media platforms during working hours for any team member is expected to be a maximum of 20 hours/ week.
  • Though our industry does require our team to be online via email and Slack, it doesn’t require us to be on social media 40 hours a week. Our team is encouraged to find opportunities to fulfill their role without having social media tabs open.
  • Our team members have the choice to have monthly 1:1 meetings with our Founder & CEO, Amanda to talk about their personal relationship with social media.

Join Our Company:

McLernon & Co. is a social media agency whose mission is to Keep Social Media Social. We offer a variety of services to our clients including social media strategy, consulting, content and campaign management.

Founder & CEO Amanda McLernon started the agency in 2016 after realizing that the social media industry needed more focus and more strategic expertise than other full service marketing agencies could give it. We have been successful in this mission and are proud to have just been recognized as one of the top 100 influencers in advertising and marketing.

Our team loves content marketing and digital marketing and uses our expertise in the industry to create, launch and manage campaigns that are strategic and savvy.

We are proud to be social media content creators, managers and strategists, and our work is treated with respect amongst our peers in the industry. We know that social media is so much more than likes and follows, and when done properly can drive serious results for our clients.

McLernon & Co. is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all candidates who meet the above required criteria. 

To apply for this role please email your resume, a brief “cover letter” (aka a personal introduction / hello) and any examples of your graphic design and/or social media experience to