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GTFO! Get to freedom online by getting offline.Love Life, Get Offline
Mental Health Matters


If you’re feeling pretty burnt out on social media, you’re not alone.

Getting offline and reconnecting in our physical communities is absolutely critical for our mental health, our family’s mental health, our team members' mental health, and the collective mental health of our country!

Especially when we are entrepreneurs or work in social media it can become so easy to develop an impulse control disorder with our devices, and feel like our whole identity is wrapped up in who we've become online.

The GTFO!™️ program is the antidote to the mindless scrolling many of us have fallen into and has helped hundreds of people over the last two years create a healthier balance with their relationship with social media.

Offered as a keynote or a fully developed workshop program, Amanda McLernon will inspire us and give us actionable steps  to consciously step away from our digital worlds to reconnect with ourselves, our community, and our world IRL. (And we’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries that let us continue our work, school and social lives online!)

Interested in having Amanda speak to your organization? Wonderful! Keep reading.

At this time Amanda has fulfilled her pro-bono speaking budget for the year however she wants to work with your budget and is available to be hired to speak to your creative conference audience, your school, your community group or your team.

She is available for travel and would *especially* like to work with you if you are in Reno, NV, anywhere in Wisconsin, anywhere in Colorado and anywhere in France.

Here's Who Should See This Talk

Marketing Leaders
Social Media Managers or Content Creators
Online Business Owners
Online Teachers
Anyone who spends a lot of time online, personally or professionally

Download our Free GTFO!™️ Guide that will help you recognize red flags & take action!


Five star rating
“The GTFO™ program & seminar was a powerful reminder that we are in control of how we spend our time online, and that getting OFF allows for us to enjoy our time on, more. I walked away with a ton of inspiration to take control back and be more intentional — online AND off.”
Ruthanne Z, Entrepreneur
Five star rating
"Amanda's presentation was not only thoughtful and detailed, but also extraordinarily timely since many members of our group are overdue for some social media detox. She spoke from personal experience and managed to balance her own story with practical issues and solutions applicable to the whole group. Amanda was articulate, and her visual presentation combined with workshop skills really left a lasting impression on participants. I wouldn't hesitate to have her back to speak again."
Brian M, Mile High Young Professionals
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