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Amanda McLernon

Amanda McLernon
Amanda McLernon
Amanda McLernon with sign "no amount of likes will matter if you don't like yourself"
Amanda McLernon speaking
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Amanda McLernon speaking
Amanda McLernon

Amanda is a bootstrapping entrepreneur who thrives on helping businesses make connections, grow and see revenue from their social media accounts. She’s not boring. She’s not corporate. She has the ability to see big picture visions and tune into minute details in ongoing tactics and implementation. She is honest, real and raw in an industry that is filled with filters.

Prior to starting McLernon & Co., Amanda worked with Fortune 500 companies and premier advertising agencies as a digital media strategist to create meaningful and results-driven campaigns. Then she started McLernon & Co. in 2016 to focus exclusively on making her client’s dreams a reality with social media.

If you check out her ‘gram, you’ll see photos of her offline advocating for others to develop a healthy, sustainable relationship with social media and technology.

Outside of work you’ll often find her deeply involved with the Denver Community- volunteerism is a personal core value of hers and she is proud to support Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain and Reading Partners of Colorado on a frequent basis. She often takes art classes and learns new creative mediums, and is currently obsessed with spray paint. She brings this creative energy back into the agency, to help our clients get creative with their brands as well. She LOVES to live life offline and be social IRL.

Amanda McLernon
Amanda McLernon with sign "no amount of likes will matter if you don't like yourself"
Amanda McLernon speaking
Amanda McLernon with flower crown
Amanda McLernon speaking
Amanda McLernon
Influencer award

Top 100 Influencer Award

MARsum - The Global Marketing Conference

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we’re thrilled to share that our Founder and CEO Amanda McLernon accepted an award as one of the Top 100 Marketing Influencers in the United States in June of 2021.

Speaking Engagements With Amanda

Fresh Takes on the Digital and Physical Worlds for Orgs of All Sizes

Take Hannah Gadsby’s rawness, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s relatable humor, Gabrielle Bernstein’s spirituality, Brené Brown’s passion for self-discovery and growth, and Glennon Doyle’s bold courage, and you get Amanda McLernon.

An entrepreneur and social media agency founder, Amanda speaks about the intersection of social media, technology addiction, human kindness and empathy, and relationships in the digital and physical worlds. She’s on a mission to Keep Social Media Social™ and Kind by helping people cultivate their online worlds through their actions, thoughts, and words. By teaching individuals, groups, and audiences how to set healthy boundaries with social media, she also helps them live a better life IRL.

Known nationwide for her bold yet vulnerable style, Amanda is available to speak to your organization, either IRL or digitally. She’s especially adept at engaging audiences through live social platforms and video streams.

Her keynote, “GTFO!™ Get to Freedom Online™...by Getting Offline,” is ready for any conference or meeting. She can also create custom presentations based on an organization’s needs.

The 5 E’s of Keeping Social Media Social™
Setting boundaries with your personal and professional brands
Bringing humanity back to the internet with mindful marketing
Creating a smart social media strategy (Paid Content)
Hiring, building a team, management, remote work
The current state of social media
Entrepreneurship, business, her belief in the Conscious Capitalism methodology
Bootstrapping a business – mistakes & lessons
Some of her speaking topics include:
Volunteerism & community involvement
Custom presentations tailored to your audience, event, and needs (Paid Content)
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What Others Have to Say About Amanda's Speaking Engagements

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“Amanda is such an engaging, powerful speaker! Whether she is on a big stage or behind a screen, Amanda has a real gift in enrolling the audience into her presentation. She’s relatable in her approach, inspiring in her storytelling abilities, and gifted at going deep on topics related to her genius — which is quite expansive.”
Rachel Lubchansky,
Founder/CEO REL Impact & Sheer Impact Conference & Community
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“The GTFO™ program & seminar was a powerful reminder that we are in control of how we spend our time online, and that getting OFF allows for us to enjoy our time on, more. I walked away with a ton of inspiration to take control back and be more intentional — online AND off.”
Ruthanne z,
Testimonial stars
"Amanda's presentation was not only thoughtful and detailed, but also extraordinarily timely since many members of our group are overdue for some social media detox. She spoke from personal experience and managed to balance her own story with practical issues and solutions applicable to the whole group. Amanda was articulate, and her visual presentation combined with workshop skills really left a lasting impression on participants. I wouldn't hesitate to have her back to speak again."
Brian M,
Mile High Young Professionals
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Amanda's Signature Workshop

GTFO!™ Program

No, not that GTFO! Get to Freedom Online™...by Getting Offline


If you’re feeling pretty burnt out on social media, you’re not alone.

Join the Keep Social Media Social™ community for a digital workshop led by Amanda McLernon, CEO and Founder of McLernon & Co. and Keep Social Media Social™, about why we all need to get offline - NOW.

Getting offline and safely reconnecting in our physical communities is absolutely critical for our mental health, our family’s mental health, our team members' mental health, and the collective mental health of our country!

We will learn actionable steps to consciously step away from our digital worlds to reconnect with ourselves, our community, and our world IRL. (And we’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries that let us continue our work, school and social lives online!)

Learn More
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