Our Methodology

In 2016, we founded the Keep Social Media Social™  (KSMS) mission, a global movement to reimagine social media for its original intended purpose of mediating authentic connection and bringing people together. That big-picture mission soon morphed into practical, strategic methodology that social media managers, marketers and business leaders can use to level-up their brand’s social media presence.
Love Life, Get Offline

Keep Social Media Social™

Social media wasn't just built up to serve ads and promote products and services. That’s soo 2010s. We take a more early-2000s approach (yes, we’re dating ourselves). An approach that reimagines social media for its original intended purpose of mediating authentic connection between real people—and that’s what our methodology is designed to accomplish for agencies and businesses!
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100% Organic Human

Bots and overly curated content definitely aren’t real and definitely aren’t social. That’s why, when our clients show up to engage their communities online, we empower them to show up as themselves.
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Clean Ingredients

Engaging with your audience is good; empathizing with them is better. Let’s be honest, too much content about your products and services is bad for the environment and even worse for your brand.
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Cruelty Free

Every brand has influence in its community. Imagine the impact your brand could make if you used every ounce of its influence to encourage and enable the community members around you!
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Remember, we’re not talking about brain surgery here—we’re talking about social media, which means it’s okay to not take your brand so seriously and invest in entertaining your community. They will thank you!
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Your community may like being encouraged, but it loves being educated. One of our greatest thrills is finding cool new ways of helping our clients leverage their expertise into empowering their communities to do things better, smarter and easier.
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