Reagan is from Houston, Texas. She has spent some time in England, and now lives in Littleton. She chose to live in Colorado for the lifestyle, the weather, and the opportunity. She really enjoys being in a growing city – Denver is changing and it is fun to be a part of that. She is also close to family here, which is a huge priority for her in raising her family. At KSMS, she is the Traffic Manager, making sure the clients and team needs are answered and things are running smoothly. She wants the future of social to truly be social. “I would love to see more real conversations and actual discussions rather than canceling others with different opinions or views.”

Biggest Win

So far, her relationships with the clients and the team. “I love interacting with our clients and seeing where we can take them and their businesses.”

Favorite Social Platform

Instagram with TikTok being a close second. She loves the variety of content on Instagram and the growth opportunities of TikTok.


Traveling and going to new restaurants.

Who Reagan would love to have dinner with

Jane Austen. Her social commentary on England and women’s roles in society in the 1800’s is so witty and sharp that I think we would have the greatest conversations.

Other Team Members

Cynthia Moos

Sarah Philabaum

Larry George II