Sarah Philabaum

The Numbers Master

Sarah claims she’s from Indiana, but has also lived in NY, PA, WI, SC, MI, MN… and now CO! Based in the Denver area, she enjoys the mild four season weather, the active lifestyle and the amenities a larger city has to offer. At KSMS, she leads the account and finance department, and loves when all the numbers run smoothly. For her, the future of social is bright if it relies on connections and sharing what matters to those closest to us.


Certified CFP®, ARM, APA, CPCU (all finance-related!)

Favorite social platform




Who would Sarah love to spend dinner with?

Rosa Parks. I love to meet people with a strong inner strength, and would have loved to meet her. She stood up for what was right and made such a profound impact in the fight against racial segregation.

Other Team Members

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