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Google versus Facebook Ads: What’s the Difference?
Are you trying to decide where to spend your ad dollars between Google Ads and Facebook and Instagram ads?
We Are Now at Saltbox!
Have you heard? McLernon & Co. has a new HQ!
A Conversation with Jacy James Anderson
For Colorado-based musician Jacy James Anderson, anxiety is a part of life, and a part of his music.
The Keep Social Media Social™️ Certification Expands Beyond McLernon & Co!
The Keep Social Media Social™️ Certification has expanded beyond McLernon & Co. team!
What’s Involved in an Intensive Strategy Session?
Social media strategy guides how, where, and why you spend your resources online...but developing your strategy can be a challenge.
12 Tips for Facebook Ad Testing in 2022
Do you want to know how you can test your Facebook ads to lower your costs and produce more results?
Five Reasons Your Brand Needs an Email Marketing Strategy
Email marketing is nothing new - but as social media platforms come and go and people are spending less time online, email marketing is more important than ever.
Should Your Brand Be on TikTok?
As TikTok has reached buzzword status in the marketing world over the last few years, you may be wondering whether it’s time for your brand to get in on the action.
Share a Little Love
Love may be in the air this time of year, but by Keeping Social Media Social™️, you can show your online community a little love all year round!
Look out for our upcoming Keep Social Media Social™ Certification in 2023!
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