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Should Your Brand Be on TikTok?
As TikTok has reached buzzword status in the marketing world over the last few years, you may be wondering whether it’s time for your brand to get in on the action.
Share a Little Love
Love may be in the air this time of year, but by Keeping Social Media Social™️, you can show your online community a little love all year round!
It's Paid Advertising, Not Rocket Science
Paid advertising on social media can feel intimidating - but with a strategic approach, it can be approachable and effective, even with a shoestring budget!
Pinterest: the Unsung Hero of the Social Media Lineup
Even as citizens of the digital world are flocking away from platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest continues to grow.
What's Happening in the World of Paid Ads?
For the most recent issue of the KSMS Magazine, we sat down with social strategist and advertising expert Madison Martin to talk about the 411 in the world of paid ads
We Are Hiring! Entry Level Social Media Coordinator Role [applications closed]
We are hiring! Apply now for the Social Media Coordinator role - an entry level position perfect for someone looking to get started in a marketing agency.
Online Freedom for All
Republished with permission from The Denver North Star
Go “Viral Locally” in Your Community using the 5E’s of Keeping Social Media Social
The 5 E’s of Social Media™ are not always easy to implement effectively. But like other social media strategies and tactics, this methodology can generate amazing...
Developing a User-Generated Content Strategy with Stickers
We’ve talked in the past about the importance of bringing user-generated content into your social media content strategy; it not only saves you time and resources on...
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