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We Believe Good Social Media Starts With Planting the Seeds
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At McLernon & Co., we believe in using social media for good to build relationships and foster genuine human connections. We help you connect with your community both online and offline, with tactics ranging from engaging social media content to IRL networking strategies.
As a creative agency that specializes in social media, our team has the strategy chops, eye for design, and awareness of branding to make your social media channels a medium for genuine connection - and conversions. We’re industry experts who know how to use social media in a smart, strategic way, and integrate your social presence with your holistic marketing efforts. Check out our full list of social services below to see how we can help you Keep Social Media Social™!
social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

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social media consulting

Social Media Consulting

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social media management

Social Media Management

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social media content

Social Media content creation

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social media paid advertising

Social Media Paid Advertising

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Social Media Engagement

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Brands That We Have Worked With Include

Junior Achievement
Boys and Girls Club
General Assembly
Dis Burrito!
Denver Startup Week
Acadian Pools
California Rodeo Salinas
Kimberly Collins
White Space
Yaya Group
Sconza Chocolates
Leslie Herod

How We Benefit You

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Free Up Your Time

Leave your social media to our team of strategists, creators and artists, so you focus on revenue-generating activities and running your business.
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Support Your Goals

Growing your brand? Increasing sales? Not quite sure? No matter what your business goals, we’ll devise a social media strategy and implement tactics to support them.
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Help You Level Up

Whether you’re a business or agency, tap our industry knowledge and innovative methodology to make your social media team more strategic, efficient and profitable.
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Improve Your Work-Life Balance Online

How many social media agencies do you know that will push you to get offline? Well, now you know at least one! We believe that a healthy relationship with the digital world means intentionally getting offline, and we’ll help you do that too.
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Five star rating

McLernon & Co. helped my team streamline our communications with our constituents at a critical time, during the early waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020. They broke down complex topics, like stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines, into easy-to-read, digestible pieces of social content, to help keep our community in Denver up-to-date and safe.

Leslie Herod
Colorado State Representative
Five star rating

"McLernon & Co is a great company to work with. Their team is professional, passionate, organized and smart. The social media campaigns that were executed this past year for our event were well thought out, creative and fun. We saw some great results, especially on Instagram, and I am looking forward to working with them in the future!"

Mandy Linquist
California Rodeo Salinas
Five star rating

"Amanda brings a depth of digital marketing experience along with boundless energy and insight, to the process, which leads to great brainstorming on directional questions. Ideas abound and creative decisions are the result."

Janet Sconza
Sconza Chocolates
Five star rating

"I’m somebody with a strong inclination to learn things myself, so I have a tendency to be pretty skeptical of consultants and coaches. But, I realized that I needed to engage some outside help on marketing in order to really make sure I was prioritizing business development. I knew immediately from my intro call with Amanda that she knows her sh*t.

She was thoughtful in considering what platforms and strategies were right for my business and took into account my bandwidth for engaging in different social media channels before she made personal, specific strategy recommendations for my business.

I thought I had a good handle on social media because let’s be real, I spend more than my fair share of time scrolling. Plus, I’ve studied content marketing in the past and went into work with McLernon and Co. with confidence in my content game. But working with Amanda totally fundamentally changed my perspective on how to use social media.

Amanda helped me understand the best way to build authentic connections with potential clients who I know (or would like to know) in real life. Her guidance helped me find a way to joyfully and sincerely connect with others — people who I truly want to talk to!

I’m not really spending more time on social media than I was before we met, but I went from having zero leads directly through Instagram for the six months prior to meeting Amanda to having four strong Instagram leads the week after we met. And the very best part is that I’m just doing it by getting out there, being myself, and meeting people who I enjoy on and offline. Amanda’s coaching was critical for me in figuring out how to effectively present my services on social media, and I’ll be forever grateful!"

Allie Moore
Allie Moore Law
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A Note From Amanda McLernon

Hi! It’s so nice to “meet” you here. I’m looking forward to connecting with you via Zoom, or even better IRL, soon. As you navigate through our website to see if we’ll be a good fit for each other I want to encourage you to envision your brand one year, three year and five years from now. Social media is not a short term game and working with the right partner can help build your brand equity for the long run and assist in your wildest dreams coming to life. (Really - we’ve had some wild wins with our clients and have brought dozens of visions to reality.)

As you think about your social media and your vision, I also want you to think about people. In today’s social media world we hear a lot about conversions, but not as much about community. Here at McLernon & Co. we believe that if we put community - and people - first that the conversions will come more consistently over time. Look at brands like Vans for a prime example of this - rather than fading away as a brand they focus on people and community, and continue to lead the market in their industry. As you think about people, consider your employees, your contractors, your partners, your collaborators, your referrers, your advocates, your volunteers, your board members AND your customers or clients. The power of social media is that we have the ability to reach all of them on a daily basis. That should not be taken lightly!

I’m looking forward to learning more about you and your brand and getting social with you. Please reach out to me at amanda@mclernonandco.com or use this link to schedule a get-to-know-each other call.

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