Larry grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and recently moved to Denver, CO with his wife. He is a social strategist and expert videographer of the team. He has been working hard to elevate KSMS photo/video service and loves to see the results it drives for clients. He dreams about a future of social that is more real: “TikTok has already introduced this concept, and I’d love for the future of social to be less about elevated performance and more about real connections.”

Biggest Win

Witnessing one of our clients, Prestige, sell a custom home from a direct combination of our video and marketing efforts.

Favorite social platform:



Going on a nice hike and taking photos. “I could take photos all day every day.”

Who would Larry love to have dinner with?

Gordon Parks. He was one of the first African American renaissance men. He was a professional photographer, published author, movie director, and composer. I'd love to pick his brain about how he moved from one thing to the next and was able to achieve success across so many different genres during the time period that he lived.

Other Team Members

Kayla Eads

Cynthia Moos

Nina Severns